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KRISS SDP Tactical Pistol With YHM Suppressor

Second time shooting The KRISS Vector SDP Pistol version in .45acp. with a 5.5″ threaded barrel, this time with a silencer/suppressor. I must say it’s very quiet, on the money and it takes the new 30 round Glock 21 magazines. The KRISS System absorbs and redirects these forces downward and away from the operator thus [...]


VANGUARD GH-100 Pistol Grip Ball Head.f4v

Fusing the smooth precision of a ball head with impressive ergonomic control, GH-100 enables you to position your camera or spotting scope quickly with unmatched versatility. This well-engineered ball head has the Grip Position Release System with an industry-leading pistol grip-style handle, which rotates 360 degrees and enables you to unlock, reposition and lock gear [...]