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Ep. 93 Tools For Sanding Wood Floors Yourself

In this episode I get “down and dirty” (or dusty at least) to talk about how I sand down hardwood floors. I prefer renting an orbital floor sander from the local rental shop – the one in this video costs per day (6 per week… go figure). The sandpaper pads can be rented by the [...]


The Secret of Getting All the Referrals You Could Ever Hope For | Jeffrey Gitomer | Sales Tools

Everyone in management will tell every salesperson to “ask for referrals” or “don’t forget to ask for referrals” or “as soon as you make the sale, ask for a referral.” These strategies are not only wrong, they also jeopardize the future of the relationship. First of all, why are you “asking” (begging) for a referral? [...]