DJ SHIFTEE using Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ Mixer and NI Maschine @ bpm 2012

buy a Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ Mixer buy the maschine controllers TRAKTOR KONTROL Z2 is the missing link for all forward-thinking DJs. The ground- breaking 2+2 concept provides a luxurious and powerful stand-alone mixer with two extra channels for Remix Decks — delivering unprecedented sonic and creative control. Everything the modern DJ could ask for is here, including the full version of TRAKTOR SCRATCH. At less than half the price of other industry-leading DJ mixers, the Z2 combines an advanced feature set, extreme flexibility, rugged build quality and stylish design with unquestionable value for money. Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ Mixer Controller,DJ equipment specification 2+2 channel DJ mixer/controller and 24-bit audio interface Best-in-class, tour-safe build quality with robust, aircraft-grade aluminium chassis Ergonomic industry-standard layout with 3-band EQ plus dedicated filters per channel Precision-designed, high-end knobs and buttons, plus premium faders by InnofaderTM Multi-colored Remix DeckTM/cue point trigger buttons and LED loop display ► Built-in powered USB hub* for 2 add-on DJ controllers such as TRAKTOR KONTROL F1 or TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 Instant plug-and-play setup, with full TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2.5 software** and timecode media included One-knob Macro FX for effortlessly expressive sound manipulation using the comprehensive array of TRAKTOR effects Innovative Flux Mode for maximum creativity and point-perfect timing Lossless post
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “DJ SHIFTEE using Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ Mixer and NI Maschine @ bpm 2012”

  1. Jamma Monsta says:

    2 main channels for control of the mix and 2 channels for control of loops and samples hence the level control knobs for those instead of up faders.

  2. Adi Cosmin says:

    have 2 main chanels and 2 auxiliar channels(connecting an X1 or F1 to thouse channels)

  3. Jackson Calkutta says:

    cool video,but not really ‘pushing’ the mixer…still cool-

  4. lilsk8mafia says:

    can anybody explain the 2 + 2?

  5. Nehemiah Muchelle says:

    K2 isn’t it Z2????? Wtf??

  6. welivetomix says:

    Looks like a good mixer, innofaders are great for scratching, loaded them on my denon mixer-perfect. Only hope they make a 4 channel one

  7. cokecl says:

    doesn’t the mixer has hot cues? Why is he using another controller if its doing a demo of the mixer?

  8. freefallstylin says:

    7:34 oh really? The K2?? When is that one comin out lol

  9. Ryley Wilson says:

    and what soundtrack is this

  10. Ryley Wilson says:

    i want a traktor z2

  11. pegz13 says:

    anoyone used one of these yet? a verdict on innofaders would be great.

  12. Lcequa says:

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  13. NSpinkpalace says:

    it all sounds a little noisey and harsh to me, out of key even. Also I wouldn’t trade my Xone92 for anything on the market.

  14. Steve Brown says:

    I really wish some of you kids would do the research and see exactly where in china this stuff is being made and by whom. so that you could have an honest opinion about just how cheap NI equipment is :(

  15. Steve Brown says:

    haha, negative votes…guess thats what happens when you tell people the truth about the things they are buying

  16. flux302 says:

    serious set

  17. Top40MashUpz says:

    Shiftee’s performance for this one isn’t quite the perfect set but it’s was rather a little bit hard for him to utilizing the effects and features of the hardware…..Didn’t they test the crossfader like a million strokes on the mixer? With the live performance, he’s showing them how much the hardware alone can do so much with the software, Traktor.

  18. CmonFeat says:

    Except for the inofaders, XLR and built in soundcard that actually works with Traktor. Can’t tell if you’re trolling or not…

  19. Steve Brown says:

    yea, I wanna pay $999 for a re-branded dj tech mixer….jeez people are dumb

  20. groove mixer says:

    flippin AWESOME!!!! Love it!!!

  21. Daymeon7 says:

    The Z2 uses ‘innofader’s I already got the T1. Damn.

  22. Divine Justice says:

    I have a t1 and I’m not sure this is better. It runs traktor in internal mode whereas the T1 runs in external

  23. Divine Justice says:

    It the beginning and ending of this video it calls it the K2….

  24. wOnKiwOrLd says:

    Was gonna get a Djm T1…… Think I’m gonna wait fir the Z2

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