LA Point of Sale – Leasing a Point of Sale System in Los Angeles

LA Restaurant Point of Sale – Leasing a Point of Sale System in Los Angeles

LA Point of Sale systems don’t require a huge cash outlay.  Los Angeles restaurant and retail store owners may lease their POS system, and doing so can have a dramatic impact on the success of the business. 

Your Point of Sale System will help you operate more efficiently and you can pay for it over time with the money the system allows you to save.  Did you know that approximately 40 percent of LA Point of Sale systems are leased? 

It is important to understand the financial advantages:

Conserve Working Capital:
When you lease a Point of Sale for your LA restaurant or retail store, you get 100% financing.  The amount of cash needed up-front is significantly reduced.  Keep your working capital for other uses such as new marketing programs, open additional locations, lease a larger space, etc. 

Preserve Your Credit Lines:
Drawing down on your line of credit at your bank to purchase a POS for your Los Angeles business might limit you in the future.  Preserve that line of credit for seasonal requirements, unexpected opportunities, and emergencies.

Great Terms:
Your Los Angeles Point of Sale may be purchased with a fixed payment, an agreeable schedule, and no or a low downpayment.  Most bank loans require larger down  payments, compensating balances, or restrictive covenants. 

Tax Advantages:
Operating leases are generally treated as fully deductible direct operating expenses, which means a lower taxable income. In addition, equipment leasing can be a tool to avoid certain negative impact of the Alternative Minimum Tax. Your tax professional should be consulted to determine what percentage of other types of leases could be deducted.

Leasing Provides Sales/Use Tax Deferral:
When you purchase a Point of Sale, sales tax must be paid in full at the time of purchase. Given the high tax rates in LA, this is a substantial cost in the first year you own your POS.  If you lease your Point of Sale the sales tax is paid over the term of the lease. 

Easy Accounting:
Make it easy on yourself – Leasing a Point of Sale system for your LA business means you have an easy business expense to deduct.  You don’t have to worry about depreciation scheduling.

Rapid POS provides POS for LA restaurants and retail stores.  They have a wide array of leasing options available to you.  Give them a call at 310-492-5653 or drop an e-mail to

They will be happy to discuss the details of leasing a Point of Sale for your LA restaurant or retail store.  Rapid POS serves the entire LA Metro area.

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