Where is the Best Place to Buy a POS in LA?

Buying a POS in LA can be a daunting task.  There are literally 100s of Point of Sale Systems available from 100s of different Los Angeles area Point of Sale companies.  The challenge for LA restaurant and retail owners is to find a POS system that is inexpensive, full-featured, and well supported when something goes wrong.  It can be difficult to find all three.  There are some basics, however, that will allow you to find the best POS in LA for your store.

First, there are two basic types of businesses that sell Point of Sale systems. Neither is the hands-down winner.  You have to understand the pros and cons to decide which type of company is best for you. 

Choose a POS Manufacturer if:

  • Your organization has strong computer skills
  • You don’t require any software customizations
  • Minimizing cost is your primary concern

Choose a VAR located in LA if: 

  • You dislike dealing with call centers
  • You want to minimize the time you invest fighting computer problems
  • You are prepared to pay a bit extra for these services

I mentioned a few things about costs, but I’m sure you want details.  Rapid POS provides POS for LA restaurants and retail stores.   They will be happy to work with you to determine what Point of Sale functions you require and recommend a system well suited for your LA business.  Rapid POS serves the entire LA Metro area.   Call Today at 310-492-5653 or e-mail 

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