I was told that this is a reverberant chamber horn used by NASA. Reverberant chamber is unique to NASA and the USAF for testing full-size aerospace components at high levels of sound pressure. The noise in the chambers can be shaped to match the specifications of space shuttle and rocket launches, aircraft structural excitation, engine nacelle noise, unsteady turbulent airflows, and the acoustic test specifications required for military equipment sold on domestic and export markets. This flexibility has made it possible for to test satellites, satellite payload equipment, airframes, and aircraft components . Simply put, there is a enclosed room with this horn’s opening bolted to the wall with the opening of the horn facing in. They would place the object they would want to test in that room, seal it up, and fire up this monster for a given lenght of time to see if it can handle the extreme low harmonics from this horn. The only problem is, the walls also started falling apart. This horn has a working pressure between 250-500psi. On this test video 500psi was supplied (the squealing at the begining of each honk is normal. There is an exhaust port at the back of the power chamber housing to allow the titanium and tungsten diaphragm to vibrate at high pressure supply). This horn is 7′ 5″ long, and is 282lbs. This horn is no longer in used because the mortar of the building started coming apart from the testing that was done over the years. This recording was done at Angeles

1956 Ford Fairlane Custom Classic Muscle Car for Sale in MI Vanguard Motor Sales Click now for an instant download on “How to Avoid the 7 Deadliest Mistakes of Buying a Classic Car Online”! Old school customs are often an exercise in excess. Owners build outrageous machines to push the envelope of what’s possible, trying to create something that hasn’t been done before. That often results in highly individualized cars that lack mass appeal. That’s why this 1956 Ford Fairlane is special it’s an old school custom that uses all of the traditional tricks without going overboard. This car is the perfect representation of what an average guy might have built in the late 1950s, with spectacular paint, a lot of custom trim, and a 351 Windsor under the hood. We don’t often showcase true customs like this, but when we do, they’re inevitably some of the most popular cars on the showroom floor. Customs are renowned for their use of color and special paints, and this lovely Fairlane is no exception. Its classic combination of red and white is exactly what I think of when someone says 1956 Ford Fairlane. Aside from a few barely noticeable chips here and there, the paint is beautiful. The body work is straight and clean, and with all that bright trim, there’s nowhere for misaligned panels to hide. The gaps are extremely good considering the body is nearly 60 years old. Everything is crisp and beautifully blended. A big part of this custom’s look is the trim. All Fairlanes received the dramatic sweeping side trim that stretches from
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EU Livestream – MGO Ends June 12, 2012. Konami will close all servers

A few of us discuss the end of MGO, as it was promptly announced that all 3 servers will end. featuring: Mlopes, Merkent, TheRyanRecordings, xMercury, James, ScottishMerc (the voice impersonation of Snake at the end of the livestream), Ruyan, DrewTheBear, and “METAL GEAR ONLINE” was included with “METAL GEAR SOLID 4″ and launched on June 12th 2008. However, we regret to announce that online service will draw to a close on June 12th 2012 after four years of service. Thank you to everyone for your loyal support of METAL GEAR ONLINE. Please refer to the schedule below for a list of key events leading up to final service termination on June 12th 2012: March 21st 2012 16:00 (JST) – Closure of MGO Online Shop. April 24th 2012 18:00 (JST) – Expansion packs and Preset Codec Message Appeal Packs will be available for free download. *Note: Registration for new player characters will not be available during this time. – Reward shop equipment will be available for free. * With the exception of “non-sale” items. June 12th 2012 23:59 (JST) – End of online service. The service was originally intended to have a life span of 3 years. However, out of respect for our loyal fans, we have continually pushed back this deadline in order to support our online community. Nevertheless, we have regretfully come to a point where players have experienced all that this iteration of Metal Gear Online is able to offer. Therefore, it saddens us to announce that we have decided to end online
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747 Gear Swing

B747-200F Landing gear retract test