Where is the Best Place to Buy a POS in LA?

Buying a POS in LA can be a daunting task.  There are literally 100s of Point of Sale Systems available from 100s of different Los Angeles area Point of Sale companies.  The challenge for LA restaurant and retail owners is to find a POS system that is inexpensive, full-featured, and well supported when something goes wrong.  It can be difficult to find all three.  There are some basics, however, that will allow you to find the best POS in LA for your store.

First, there are two basic types of businesses that sell Point of Sale systems. Neither is the hands-down winner.  You have to understand the pros and cons to decide which type of company is best for you. 

Choose a POS Manufacturer if:

  • Your organization has strong computer skills
  • You don’t require any software customizations
  • Minimizing cost is your primary concern

Choose a VAR located in LA if: 

  • You dislike dealing with call centers
  • You want to minimize the time you invest fighting computer problems
  • You are prepared to pay a bit extra for these services

I mentioned a few things about costs, but I’m sure you want details.  Rapid POS provides POS for LA restaurants and retail stores.   They will be happy to work with you to determine what Point of Sale functions you require and recommend a system well suited for your LA business.  Rapid POS serves the entire LA Metro area.   Call Today at 310-492-5653 or e-mail 

LA Point of Sale – Leasing a Point of Sale System in Los Angeles

LA Restaurant Point of Sale – Leasing a Point of Sale System in Los Angeles

LA Point of Sale systems don’t require a huge cash outlay.  Los Angeles restaurant and retail store owners may lease their POS system, and doing so can have a dramatic impact on the success of the business. 

Your Point of Sale System will help you operate more efficiently and you can pay for it over time with the money the system allows you to save.  Did you know that approximately 40 percent of LA Point of Sale systems are leased? 

It is important to understand the financial advantages:

Conserve Working Capital:
When you lease a Point of Sale for your LA restaurant or retail store, you get 100% financing.  The amount of cash needed up-front is significantly reduced.  Keep your working capital for other uses such as new marketing programs, open additional locations, lease a larger space, etc. 

Preserve Your Credit Lines:
Drawing down on your line of credit at your bank to purchase a POS for your Los Angeles business might limit you in the future.  Preserve that line of credit for seasonal requirements, unexpected opportunities, and emergencies.

Great Terms:
Your Los Angeles Point of Sale may be purchased with a fixed payment, an agreeable schedule, and no or a low downpayment.  Most bank loans require larger down  payments, compensating balances, or restrictive covenants. 

Tax Advantages:
Operating leases are generally treated as fully deductible direct operating expenses, which means a lower taxable income. In addition, equipment leasing can be a tool to avoid certain negative impact of the Alternative Minimum Tax. Your tax professional should be consulted to determine what percentage of other types of leases could be deducted.

Leasing Provides Sales/Use Tax Deferral:
When you purchase a Point of Sale, sales tax must be paid in full at the time of purchase. Given the high tax rates in LA, this is a substantial cost in the first year you own your POS.  If you lease your Point of Sale the sales tax is paid over the term of the lease. 

Easy Accounting:
Make it easy on yourself – Leasing a Point of Sale system for your LA business means you have an easy business expense to deduct.  You don’t have to worry about depreciation scheduling.

Rapid POS provides POS for LA restaurants and retail stores.  They have a wide array of leasing options available to you.  Give them a call at 310-492-5653 or drop an e-mail to archie@rapidpos.com

They will be happy to discuss the details of leasing a Point of Sale for your LA restaurant or retail store.  Rapid POS serves the entire LA Metro area.

KRISS SDP Tactical Pistol With YHM Suppressor

Second time shooting The KRISS Vector SDP Pistol version in .45acp. with a 5.5″ threaded barrel, this time with a silencer/suppressor. I must say it’s very quiet, on the money and it takes the new 30 round Glock 21 magazines. The KRISS System absorbs and redirects these forces downward and away from the operator thus enabling them to better control and keep the KRISS on-target. More control equals more rounds on-target, more of the time. Think I’m going to like this even more now with the silencer, LaserMax green laser, Mepro 21 scope by Meprolight and The G2X PRO dual-output LED Flashlight by Surefire. Taking it back out tomorrow for testing, I’ll keep you posted on this one. Kriss Pistol Website Link: www.kriss-usa.com Package standard equipment includes a single point tactical sling, top/bottom Picatinny Rails, ambidextrous F/S controls, custom flip-up iron sights, mini-cleaning kit, light receptacle cover for optional Surefire Executive Series lights, cable lock and one Glock 21 13-round magazine. The SDP is civilian legal in most states. The SDP is available with either a 5.5″ or 6.5″ threaded or unthreaded barrel. MSRP – 95
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The Massey Ferguson Archives Industrial Special- Ferguson TE20 In Industry

Visit www.secondsightproductions.co.uk to view more trailers or purchase quality Tractor, Farm Machinery and Countryside DVDs. In this second MFA Special Edition we take a look at the industrial uses of the Ferguson TE20 tractor and the simply astonishing range of attachments that were designed to be used with it. The brilliance of the Ferguson system allowed the Little Grey Fergie to apply itself to an incredible number of tasks in a variety of different industries thanks largely to its clever three-point hitch and power take off system. Our first film looks at the work a Ferguson tractor could do on an ordinary construction site with the help of a surprising assortment of implements. We see a TE20 working in the Swedish timber industry in ‘Modern Forest Methods’. ‘Blue Ice’ shows how one Little Grey Fergie helped build a research facility in the Antarctic. Two more films give detailed demonstrations of the enormous range of equipment that could be attached to the Ferguson Tractor allowing it to become a Backhoe Digger, Excavator, Wheeled Loader, Dumper, Bulldozer, Road Roller, Mobile Cement Mixer, Lawn Mower and many many more. Duration 87 mins
Video Rating: 5 / 5

DJ SHIFTEE using Traktor Kontrol Z2 DJ Mixer and NI Maschine @ bpm 2012

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Ep. 93 Tools For Sanding Wood Floors Yourself

In this episode I get “down and dirty” (or dusty at least) to talk about how I sand down hardwood floors. I prefer renting an orbital floor sander from the local rental shop – the one in this video costs per day (6 per week… go figure). The sandpaper pads can be rented by the pack, and this rental store in Lancaster PA allows you to return the unused pads for credit after the job is done. First, you need to pull off the trim and pull all the nails that will catch up your sander. Then you can use wood filler to fill in nail holes or cracks between boards (up to a point, of course). Second, use the rented sander to hit the large areas. The get along the edges I use a belt sander and orbital sander with heavy grits. After you’ve removed the old finish and high spots, it’s time to use the successively finer grits on the sanders. I finish the whole thing using my orbital and 150 grit. If you’re working on softwood you may need to do some additional sanding and filling to get the floor the way you want. Have fun! Here’s the link to my second half video – how to finish wood floors yourself: www.youtube.com _____________________ Thanks for watching! Please take a moment to subscribe here at tv.yourlancasterhome.com and pop over to our facebook page to “like” it at http Choose Jeff Geoghan for you next home sale or purchase in Lancaster! Thanks. (c) 2011 Jeff Geoghan
Video Rating: 5 / 5