KRISS SDP Tactical Pistol With YHM Suppressor

Second time shooting The KRISS Vector SDP Pistol version in .45acp. with a 5.5″ threaded barrel, this time with a silencer/suppressor. I must say it’s very quiet, on the money and it takes the new 30 round Glock 21 magazines. The KRISS System absorbs and redirects these forces downward and away from the operator thus enabling them to better control and keep the KRISS on-target. More control equals more rounds on-target, more of the time. Think I’m going to like this even more now with the silencer, LaserMax green laser, Mepro 21 scope by Meprolight and The G2X PRO dual-output LED Flashlight by Surefire. Taking it back out tomorrow for testing, I’ll keep you posted on this one. Kriss Pistol Website Link: Package standard equipment includes a single point tactical sling, top/bottom Picatinny Rails, ambidextrous F/S controls, custom flip-up iron sights, mini-cleaning kit, light receptacle cover for optional Surefire Executive Series lights, cable lock and one Glock 21 13-round magazine. The SDP is civilian legal in most states. The SDP is available with either a 5.5″ or 6.5″ threaded or unthreaded barrel. MSRP – 95
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25 Responses to “KRISS SDP Tactical Pistol With YHM Suppressor”

  1. TheRe5gamer says:

    wow, how original

  2. bigdaddyhoffman1911 says:

    Correct! Just purchased the rifle, should have a video uploaded very soon. Thanks

  3. rcmaphia says:

    the rifle has a 16¨ barrel as well

  4. bigdaddyhoffman1911 says:

    That’s about the only difference I know of.  Thanks

  5. Redneck37379 says:

    what’s the difference between this and the rifle besides the absence of a stock?

  6. IWannabeJew says:

    Shot the rifle, today, and the recoil was unbelievably soft. My Kel-Tec Sub-2000 in .40 S&W kicks so hard that it isn’t fun.

  7. supa dupa says:

    looks kool and all, but way to bulky for a pistol. why wouldn’t you use a Glock 21; the Glocks lighter, easier to weld and a whole lot cheaper.

  8. advertech says:

    see the shells coming back>

  9. Chris Fields says:

    How so?
    I figure I’ll keep it in my truck under the seat…I do have a carry permit.

  10. bigdaddyhoffman1911 says:

    I think you would enjoy the rifle better also and yes it’s worth every penny. Thanks

  11. bbej4 says:

    I love this gun. I want one. But I want the rifle not the handgun. This is a .45 that my 7 year old son could shoot with me. Do u feel it was worth the $1500.0″ price tag?

  12. bigdaddyhoffman1911 says:

    Oh Yeah…..Thanks Friend

  13. rnr7 says:

    Hello Santa You Know what for CHRISTMAS……………

  14. TheBootieChrist says:

    thanks dad

  15. bigdaddyhoffman1911 says:

    I guess so….LOL. Thanks friend.

  16. TheBootieChrist says:

    can you be my dad?

  17. budojon says:

    oh, i hope i didnt misunderstood you. of course you have to close the bolt before you shoot via the button on the left side.

  18. budojon says:

    yepp. that is the super v system. in german this is called “unlocked massbolt” hope this translates correct.

  19. drenM1A1 says:

    That’s exactly what I was going to ask as well as soon as I saw this. Does it fire from an open bolt?

  20. bigdaddyhoffman1911 says:

    Haven’t yet but try to stay 10 to 12 yards away and wear eye protection when shooting steel.

  21. pootinhammer says:

    do you ever get any rounds bouncing back when you shoot steel that close?

  22. hbbremton870 says:

    does this fire from open bolt?

  23. bigdaddyhoffman1911 says:

    Only in heart my friend, please read my channel page. Thanks

  24. bigdaddyhoffman1911 says:


  25. iloveadrenaline1 says:

    were u an ex marine

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